Commodore 64 using audio-in to record tapes on 1530

In the previous post I used audio-in on a datasette 1530 to load t64 files from the internet. Well, thats nice, but I want it a little bit more retro, I would like to record tapes from the t64 files, and then load the game from tape.

If you have the audio-in, it is easy to record that audio to tape. Watch the schematic:

To record from the audio in, we simply connect the output of IC2-2 (pin 12) to the input of IC2-6 (pin 11). I have used a switch, so i can decide if i want to record from the c64, or if i want to record from the audio-in.

So I have an audio-in and a switch on my Datasette 1530. The N stands for normal operation, the R stands for record from audio-in operation.

Well, lets see if this works. Using the same Stix game again 🙂