Commodore 64 adding audio in on datasette 1530

I recently bought a Commodore 64. Also a 1541 II diskdrive (and a 1541) and a lot of floppies with games. But it is a hell of a job to search al those floppies for one game… I would like to play Stix.

Also bought a datasette 1530. And searching the internet i came across this. A way to download a t64 file from the internet, than play that t64 file with a phone (Android, tapDancer), and send the audio to the 1530, so the C64 will load the file.

It seems no guaranteed succes reading the discussion. But i gave it a try. Found a schematic.

My 1530 is slightly different, IC1 is splitted in two IC’s (LS204CB). I connected the audio in (with 100kOhm resistor) to IC1-4, pin 12 (the non-inverted input) in above schematic.

And made a RCA-connector in the case of 1530, to input the audio.

Let’s see if it works! I downloaded stix.t64, and installed tapDancer on my Android Phone.

To check the volume setting of tapDancer i’ve used a head alignment tool. Just increase/decrease till you get nice lines. I’ve used this on, Minimal Head Align.